Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2007

Professor Teaches PowerPoint 2007

A Basic Powerpoint 2007 training of a series of two Professor Teaches Products
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Office 2007 features a completely new interface that simplifies the product usage a lot, however it becomes simple once you get used to it and before that you need to learn how to use the new interface.

Professor Teaches Powerpoint 2007 delivers a self paced interactive lessons with voice, pratices and samples to learn Powerpoint basic features, most of them you might already know from Office 2003 while some others are new in this latest installment.

The content included on the program is very professional, I can assure you that you won´t be dissapointed, if you already know or have figured out how to use Powerpoint 2007 new interface but still want to learn advanced techniques, Professor teaches have an advanced Powerpoint course waiting for you or you could get both Powerpoint courses bundled if you buy it on individual software website.

The product can also be found on the Office 2007 suite which provides basic and advanced courses (if any) for each office family product, all of them from Individual Software.

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